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Linda Marí Donnell


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First Person Memoir M/F

Narration News! 2023 

I am Thrilled to be practicing my Yorkshire accent by practice narrating my first children's book "The Secret Garden " in my home studio. I'm so looking forward to reaching out to publishers by the end of the summer.

Linda Marí Donnell Reel

My latest happenings!

Acting News

I feel so lucky to have just spent the month of April in Atlanta, Georgia with an ensemble and cohort of 7 gifted screen artists. Cast and directed by Erica Arvold and Ellie Clark of Arvold Warner Studios, we had mock rehearsals of different genres of Guest Star scenes each week for film and television. How thrilling it was to finally be in the room with my fellow artists!

Isadora Duncan News

I am back, after a months hiatus from dancing, ready to schedule my mentoring session with Lori Belilove and resume my Duncan dance and teacher training with her. 

I am continuing to teach through the spring and some dates thru the summer.  Interested in lessons? Please contact me.

Education News

I just completed a dreamy six weeks with  a cohort of artists who took part in Group 1 of "The Spark " with Artists Strategy. This was a group intensive for artists looking for tools and strategies to grow their careers. The tools were concrete and so much fun!  Curious? Check them out on Instagram.


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