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Linda Marí Donnell


I have the most delicious memories of being read to as a child.  I can still recall the comfort of my mother's melodic voice transporting me to another time and place while enveloped in her arms.  It was from my mother that I received my love of reading aloud to my own children which has subsequently lead me to the joys of audio book narration.


When narrating a children's book, the warm and whimsical tone of my voice encircles the young listener as would a soothing embrace. My empathetic nature compels me to read memoirs and nonfiction as if the story or information is my own, investing myself fully in the author's intent.  And the intimate resonance in my voice lends itself as equally to literary fiction and cozy mysteries as it does to Shakespeare.


With my background as a classically trained actor and dancer, in addition to narrating audio books, I especially enjoy telling stories through film acting, radio drama, and dance. I have most recently collaborated with Emmy award winning director James Sadwith, Oscar nominated director Kevin Wilson Jr., and the radio drama “Shwake”, directed and edited by Meredith Di Paolo Stephens of Goodly Frame Theatre.  My favorite delight , however, is reading to my grandchildren.  You will often find me with a child in my lap and a book in hand.


First Person Memoir M/F
Third Person Children's M/F
First Person Fantasy M/F

Recorded in my Home Studio  



  • Vocal Booth to Go sound blankets

  • DAW Audacity-- Punch and Roll

  • AKG C1000S Condenser Microphone

  • Presonus Audio Box USB 96 Audio Interface

  • Presonus TubePre V2 Preamplifier

  • Triton FetHead Phantom Preamplifier 

  • Dedicated Macbook Pro for recording and editing

  • audio-technica professional closed back headphones

“You are a consummate professional! My voice is emphatic and urgent, but you put a calmness to it that made the words all the more powerful.  Your voice is resonant and lovely and adds so much to my words.” 

- Dianne Liuzzi Hagan, Author

“This touching and poignant drama is elegantly acted by Linda Donnell......”

- Mike Brannon, Cary Playwrights Festival / Radio Drama

Audiobook Demos were professionally engineered and directed by Justin Marra and Elise Arsenault of “The Tree Cave.”

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