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Hello and Welcome!

I feel honored that you have taken the time to check out my site and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story with you.  


I was born in Chicago, Illinois.  My parents were vaudeville performers in a traveling tent show and, at my birth, I was given my mother's stage name... Marí, a name that I am quite proud to share with her.

Growing up in a creative family, some of my most vivid childhood memories include playing house with my younger sister and brother, climbing trees, summers spent in the public library, ( I read every biography that I could get my hands on. ) Ballet lessons, and, at the age of 11, producing, directing, and performing in my very own variety show with the neighborhood children in our basement.  I grew up to marry my high school sweetheart who swept me off my feet and who is a joy to travel through life with.


I am a daughter, sister, friend, wife and a mother.  Professionally, I am an actor, dancer, and educator. My "why" reason for being is to help bring hope and healing to this world of ours through the power and magic of storytelling.  As an actor,   I have had the opportunity to do that by collaborating with others in telling their stories.   I have shared a humorous scene with actor George Clooney. I have joined Emmy winner director and screenwriter James Sadwith  as a droll character in his feature "Coming Through the Rye."   I was the director of  "Little Bird in the Night" last seen at the United Solo Theatre Festival on Theatre Row in NYC, and in 2020, during the pandemic, I built my home voice over studio in which to begin narrating audio books.


I'm also an adventurer at heart.  My bliss is in traveling the world, never knowing who I'll meet along the way, and spending time with family and friends.


I am grateful to have had the opportunity to help tell such wonderful stories in the past years.  They have shed a light for me on the universal need for each of us to dream and of the importance of not giving up until they are realized.  


There are so many stories waiting to be told....waiting to bring healing and hope to our world.  


Won't you join me in the telling of them?

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Linda Marí Donnell

“Linda handled the concept of my film with sensitivity, professionalism, and passion. She is a jewel and her talents are unparalleled. It is my hope to continue to work with Linda in the future.”

- Kevin Wilson Jr., Oscar nominated Director/Screenwriter

"Linda had a perfect turn as the 'Dust Bowl Woman' in 'Coming Through the Rye.'  It was as if Dorothea Lange's photograph and the character in my script had magically melded and come to life on the set.  Linda was a delight to work with."

- James Sadwith, Emmy® Award-winning Director/ Writer/ Producer  "Coming Through the Rye" 

"It is so refreshing to work with an actress like Linda Donnell. She is one of those rare actors who can 'think' on screen, and truly disappears into her character."

- Lisa Stock, Director "In By The Eye Productions"

"Linda's range and depth as a performer can be astonishing."

-Frank Levering, Playwright/Screenwriter

Linda Marí Donnell Reel
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