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Linda Marí Donnell


I began taking ballet lessons when I was 8 years old by the invitation of my mother.  From the day I first stepped into a studio I was hooked. Though I didn’t realize what that meant at the time, I knew that I had found my passion.


 Weekly lessons soon turned into twice , three times and then four times a week with a 40 minute commute by train one way into Chicago’s loop. By the time I was 11, I was commuting alone. When at home, I could be found dancing my heart out to the classical music pouring out of the radio in my parent’s kitchen. I was intoxicated by the music and my dance.  There was no turning back.


Little did I know that one day I would find my passion for ballet extend to include mentoring and training young and adult dancers as my teachers had so generously done for me. The freedom and joy that I experienced as a young dancer , the falling in love with ballet and with myself is a gift I now endeavor to give my own students. 


Whether they are absolute beginner’s, are well on their way to making the performing arts their profession , or somewhere in between , It is my mission to give each student the tools they need to craft mesmerizing performances and to find that deep place within themselves where joy and it’s resultant freedom abides. 





"You taught me so much (acting too) and were one of the first to push me out of my comfort zone artistically.  I  carry those skills with me throughout everything."

- Martino Sauter, Professional Dancer

"Working with Linda Donnell gave me all the dance technique tools I need.  She caters her lessons to your specific professional goals and shapes you in a way that's encouraging but specific.  Every performer should take ballet with Linda."

- Payton Moledor, Professional Actor

"Ballet lessons with Linda Donnell via Zoom have helped me progress as a dancer and artist in ways I could not have otherwise.  Linda's teaching skill shines bright in this format........maintaining the same personal feel as lessons in the studio."

- LillyRuth Beck, Pre-Professional High School Student


"You have been so instrumental into turning her into the triple threat that she is."

- Robyn Hakanson, Mother

"LillyRuth has learned so much from Linda about ballet and dance and life!  We are so grateful for Linda and her wonderful teaching abilities."

- Lori Hawkins Beck, Mother

"Taking dance with Mrs. Linda has been a wonderful experience for my two daughters.  Even over Zoom, she is engaging and gets them involved.  She uses creative imagery to teach the dance movements that excite both my 5 and 9-year-olds."

- Kellan Wilson Withers, Mother

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